Look at Your Chart Here

Your Complete Personal Medical Record
You have complete access to your own medical record. By using this link “emedicalnotes.com” you can enter into your own chart and review all the information. You can access not only the surgical oncology consult details described by Dr. Iddings, but also the results of the blood work, radiology and more. The complete medical record often has consults from medical oncology as well as radiation oncology and other medical documents. Once you go to emedicalnotes.com there will be a “Patient login” on the lower left-hand side. This is where you will put in your “Login” (Your Login is: “iddings”) and then you will need your “Username” and “Password” on the text page that appears. After this has been successfully completed you will have complete unrestricted access to your own medical record.If you do not have your ID and password then please call the office or email the office manager by going to our “Contact Us” page which can be accessed from the home page
Once you Login, you will see this screen below. When this screen appears you will need to input your “Username” and “Password”. This will give you full access to your medical record. If there is any problem please call the office or email us through “Contact Us” on the home page.
If you need HELP with this process, and are unable to access your medical record, then please call the office or e-mail the office manager and they will be able to further assist you. (810)762-0892